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Napoli Chartered Accountant Director, Charles Napoli, is a renowned forensic accounting and litigation support expert. He has been called to provide independent advice and evidence in relation to property settlements and maintenance proceedings in the Family Court across Australia. In addition he provides independent advice and evidence in the Supreme Court, Federal Court and District Court.

A specialised accounting service, litigation support entails identifying, locating and verifying assets and liabilities to establish the financial position of involved parties. The process involves forensic accounting expertise to determine the accuracy of financial statements, including tracing transactions and assets to determine the true financial position of a family or financial group.

Litigation support involves providing services in the following areas:

  • inspecting and interpreting financial records
  • tracing foreign and local transactions
  • determining the actual assets and liabilities
  • preparing financial statements
  • business valuations
  • advising the client and solicitor regarding financial issues
  • providing a critique of the other party’s expert reports
  • advising on discovery issues
  • interpreting affidavits of financial circumstances
  • identifying relevant documents which are relied upon, particularly in the discovery phase of litigation
  • advising on taxation implications that may arise from a property settlement
  • preparing reports to be annexed to affidavits
  • preparing cross-examinations
  • appearing in court as an expert witness.

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